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Beverly Hills Hosiery has been an intimate, vibrant, friendly constant in the ever-evolving fashion district of Downtown Los Angeles since 1934. The former owners, Steve Tour and his family, charmed every corner of the hosiery and costume market with their expansive product knowledge, New York derivative drive, and their down-to-earth approach and commitment to their customers.


Performers, churchgoers, industry insiders, designers, costume savants, drag extraordinaires, gift-buying significant others, photographers, models, the everyday legend (you), and just about anyone who celebrates Halloween has found their way into Beverly Hills Hosiery at some point. Every individual, without fail, found what they were looking for and sometimes didn’t even know they needed.


The spirited new ownership team, longtime Beverly Hills Hosiery customers, hung the iconic vintage sign inside their freshly built-out shop as an unwavering promise that the same passion and specialty service will continue.


The new location and forthcoming online store will flaunt carefully selected, unique hosiery, costumes, accessories, and lingerie pieces that range in size, style, and price point—from well-known staples and bargain wares to independently designed, handmade pieces, and high-end intimates. The Beverly Hills Hosiery legacy continues. And as always, special orders are always welcome. 

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