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Hold Up Roll-On Premium Body Adhesive Sweat Resistant

Designer: Hold Up

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Hold Up Roll-On Body Adhesive works!  We use it regularly!!!   Hold Up keeps thigh highs, pasties, socks, wigs, garments, prosthetics, and many other items in place easily and comfortably! Our roll-on applicator helps you to apply the product quickly and easily wherever it is needed. And it washes off with water, without damaging your item!!

HOLD UP comes in a 2-oz. bottle with roll-on applicator.

Hold Up works for:

  • men’s and women’s socks, knee socks, nylons, and pantyhose (eliminates the need for garters)
  • dance socks and costumes (for Irish dancers, Scottish dancers, etc.)
  • surgical and support stockings (even those without a gripping top band)
  • anti-embolism stockings
  • surgical and orthopedic belts and devices
  • athletic tape
  • eyeglasses
  • shoulder straps
  • wigs and toupees
  • theatrical makeup and devices
  • anything else you want to HOLD UP!

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